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Family Dollar in Camp Verde-Sedona, Arizona - Poor management

Unprofessional. Putting customer on spot for something an employee told her that was extremely elaborated. I only shop here when I have to.
Camp Verde-Sedona, Arizona
So, I went into my neighborhood Family Dollar, like I typically do once a week. I seen a sign that said "25% off All Bluetooth speakers and headphones". Well, the set-up, only included Bluetooth speakers and several different brands of headphones. When I got to the...
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Issue still not resolved. Absolutely no communication from the store. I have since stopped going to Family Dollar, even though it is the closest store to me. The quality, m...

I didn't like
  • False or misleading advertisement

Family Dollar - Review in Supermarkets and Malls category from Wickenburg, Arizona

*** bags... you guys have the wrost grocery bags of anywhere i have or now shopped. I go to your store in wickenburg Az,the employee's are great, manager is great maybe a little understaffed but good. The last three or four times i have shopped my bags have broke and all things on gound ,including a jar of salsa and spaghetti sauce ,went back few days later told the girls, the very sorry and said they could double bags, i know you are trying to save money, but doesn't that defeat purpose if you double every bag . I know what your going to say don't put to many items in each bag, but there were only 4,also defeats purpose if i have 4 bags for only 5or 6 items. You need to make them stronger. I also shop at dollar General never happens. I have broke ar 20 dollars worth of groceries please fix
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Layout of Store
Wickenburg, Arizona
FIRST OF ALL "DOVE" IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK WHICH MM/MARS CANDY CO.OWNS. The manager told me that the TWO packages of "BROOKSIDE" that I TRIED TO BUY NEEDED THE WORD "DOVE" ON THE PACKAGE TO BE ON CLEARANCE. I knew before I went into the store that you was going to...
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Maybe another customer purchased the products? I don't exactly see where you were dissatisfied as you were charged a price, you believed it was the wrong price, the employee d...

Black Canyon City, Arizona
I liked
  • Ladies that work there are so sweet
I didn't like
  • How rude the store mgr was to me
  • Cashier very rude
  • Manager

Family Dollar Manager Review

Family dollar mohave valley there assistant manager if thats what you wanna call her is rude andnot very nice at all i ask her for was help.and she responds with i dont know rochelle needs to be trained and it would help if she got off the drugs

Family Dollar - Sanitary Conditions Review from Tucson, Arizona

What kind of a store are they running,when the family dollar store on Prince Rd and Flowing Wells, have no consideration for their Customers. For one they have no public restrooms ,havimg to leave the store and hunt down a bathroom,is not good business. And they do not want you taking their grocery carts outside the store, when you have just bought $80.00 dollars worth of merchandise. And expecting you or an elderly to carry heavy bags clear to the parking lot,what if it is a elderly handycap person,do they expect them to carry bags that far? I am disgusted with this store, and it should be investigated . My Aunt and I are no longer go to go to this store.

Other Product Review

Turncoats/jealous/ahead of your game/ what goes around comes around
Benson, Arizona

Family Dollar Cashier Review

just went to the Family Dollar store here in Bullhead City and was told by the cashier that customers are no longer allowed to wear a baseball cap and/or sunglasses inside store. Done with this place!
Then try "family" dollar where the employees are ex-junkies, mentally ill, or straight out of an old jerry springer episode. If you're saying the same applies to walmart, then why are family dollars 1/5th the size with the same amount of BS. Do you like lazy employees...
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FD is understaffed, over-worked, underpaid and unappreciated. They're burned out, then have to deal with a***oles like you that could not give two shhiits less about what they...

I liked
  • Parking was plentiful
I didn't like
  • Unprofessional outfit
  • Manager inappropriate language
  • Being spoken to rudely

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This store is in Pearce Arizona,between November and March it's a Snowbird town.meaning it's more congested than usual,bread and milk doesn't last over two days.deliveries Are twice a week,I had asked many times in the past to the manager why couldn't More be...
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Morenci, Arizona