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13th n oklahoma she says she a manager i never seen her bedore she was rude be ause i didnt have a foodstamo card and i had cash n credit she said i say who had credit cards n foodstamos come i. My line so i went knowi g i have credit and cash which she said i dont have cash i told u.

No u did not you said who has credit ans foodstamps cab come in this line she did not say bo cash in thus line at all she was a rude vlack *** im i am not racist but fy k that *** she wilk get beat the *** down crom this which momma of 4.

Which she grabbed my bags n said get ti the end of line i said no i am not wtf u go ring my *** up at another register like ur suspost to u dumb lazy worker i have ever seen in my life and family dollar has this great manager she is white with short hair and glass thats very nice and this lady is african and says she iz the manager when i know she night be new but she hasnt been there long enough for me to know her i live right on the same block as this store is my daily shopping store but if this lady is manager and you allow her to treat your custimers with disrespect. No thanks ill go to walgreens.

Review about: Family Dollar Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh my god. Our school system needs a massive overhaul.


Could possibly understand what your saying if you can spell and speak English

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