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    • How close they were to my house 14
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    • Parking was plentiful 8
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    • Being spoken to rudely 10
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    • Manager unprofessional in front 8

So, I went into my neighborhood Family Dollar, like I typically do once a week. I seen a sign that said "25% off All Bluetooth speakers and headphones". Well, the set-up, only included Bluetooth speakers and several different brands of headphones. When I got to the line after purchasing 3 of them, I was told that it was the Bluetooth headphones that were on sale..... Huh???? - There is no Bluetooth cellphones over there -only speakers. I also... Read more

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On Thanksgiving Morning around 10AM, at the Family Dollar Store in Rising Star, TX. I was assaulted by the Manager for being a cop's mother. Went to counter to pay for items when the store manger asked me if my son was now a cop here in town. I replied "yes, when he suddenly grabbed the items out of my hand, reached over the counter and shoved my buggy away from me, while he yelled that my business was not welcomed there! Stunned , I asked if he... Read more

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On Thanksgiving morning, around 10am, at the Family Dollar Store, in Rising Star, TX, I went to the check out to pay for my items. As I started to put my items on the counter, The store manager asked me if my son was now a peace officer here in town. I replied "Yes, and he yanked the items from my hand, resulting in cut right thumb, then he reached over the counter and shoved the cart away from me , while screaming my business was not welcome... Read more

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We went into Family Dollar Store to purchase the coke products that was on sale for 3 for $8 but they were out, 2nd store i went to both out and we decided to buy pepsi product which were 3 for $10, went to the checkout and did not scan sale price, we told cashier they are on sale 3 for $10 and it was priced 3 for $10. The cadhier said we only had 2 pepsi product and 1 coke that's why it scanned regular price. We got 2 mountain dews and 1 dr.... Read more

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i stopped too buy fruit and berries incenses and when i approached counter the was also manager well i put my 2 boxes of incenses on counter to pay then cashier grabbed one box opened took out packaged and while doing this she had a disgusting look toward me i asked her why did she opened box ? she replied that people sometimes stuff extras ! i replied i don't ! from beginning to end of my transaction very unfriendly and when i noticed manager... Read more

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Wendover utah store #06487 Family dollar does not value there customers there have been numerous complaints on an employee name sara no action taken and why is the manager vanessa telling her who complains bout her so now everytime i go there i get attitude now to hear this employee is going to be a manager great now she can treat people like *** and nobody won t do a thing about it you call the 800 number they tell you they cant do nothing... Read more

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The family dallor on larimore and bellfountaine manager was completely ride and it off order making a remark about it being the first of the month customers flooding in.... Insinuating that we are the people who received our welfare and disability check...I received neither because I donot get those but for people who do was offended an so was I.

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My daughter carolyn moore abd store manager have been talking about ny husband and me because she is nad i wont do something she said i had to do. Custuners that i know have overheard them. I wont sonething done to put a stop to it. I am giving you plenty of time. If i see no results before christmas. My lawyer will be in touch with you about a defemation lawsuit. Thank you angela moore 3107b keys st anderson sc 29624. Read more

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I live in Houston Texas near store #07541 security or sonething Why don't you protect youremployees from some of these horrid customers. I webt in there Subday abd customer threw itens at a employee because you dont do cash back.Do you not care dobt say money issue . Read more

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I recently bought a dvd player from one of the stores . When I got it home it wouldn't play . I tried several different dvd's . I tried returning it only to be refused to get money back or get other items . So I came home and looked at your website which clearly states the return policy as if returned within 30 days with reciept customer is allowed to either get refund or exchange for other items . I was forced to exchange for the exact same... Read more

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